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Student Testimonials: Student Testimonials

When my son expressed a desire to learn how to play the piano I was a little trepidatious. He was venturing into an area I did not know how to help him study or succeed. I was also concerned about his ability to learn, as he is a wiggly child with a short attention span. 

Enter Mrs. Jessica Andrews. I'm sure I was *that* parent at our first lesson...trying to get him to sit still and pay attention. She gently helped me understand that it is ok for him to be he will probably learn better. I could quickly see she was a very patient instructor who understood my son, what he needed and that he was in safe hands. I politely excused myself (and his little sister) from the practice room to let him learn.

That was in October 2016. Words fail me to express what Mrs. Jessica has given my son. She unlocked his inherent talent and has opened new doors for him. I've learned that while I had the preconceived notion he should be practicing 30 minutes a day that was too much for him. Practicing each piece 5 times a day, 4-5 times a week was acceptable. Music to my surprise, in six weeks, he MEMORIZED two nursery rhymes. (I played the flute for eight years but never memorized such simple pieces.) One day, he arrived early for his lesson and heard Mrs. Jessica practicing. He was inspired by what he heard and wanted to be able to play like her someday. This made it much easier to encourage him to practice longer.

The confidence he has gained in his lessons has flourished in other areas of his life. We saw a 100-point jump in his standardized reading test. Hi stability to comprehend fractions and math concepts were expedited and he WANTS to learn. I attribute this to him finding an area he could succeed and build the confidence to tackle other areas that require practice and perseverance.

Regardless of where his musical talents take him, I will always have a deep appreciation for Mrs. Jessica and the invaluable gift she has given him and our family.

Shannon B. (Parent 2016 - current)

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